Tuesday, 22 October 2013

my best searching tip

I would say, the most important thing I has learned in database searching is that I know how to use the resources in mylibrary. I know how touse the e-resources.how to search the relevant search engines in mylibrary.for instance,I could use a certain databese to search the table and figure information,which is pretty helpful and efficient.I also learn how to use the search engine -Google,I know the basic searching principle and can use some marks to make information accurate ,as well as using the advanced search to improve the efficiency and speed.

Sunday, 20 October 2013

My Information Universe

Actually, the development of modern information science technology change our troditional life, information industry also have serious affection on our life. From this point of view, information required anywhere and anytime. In order to assure information have veracity and integrity, i think most of useful information get from my daily life.

The first one I have experienced way is through every people around me.Every people is a source of information, people attract information in our daily life, also in the spread of information. Especially the people in relation to my project i have choose during my working day.Also some friends, colleague, and schoolmate and so on can provide a lot of valuable information directly. Another way is from media, like network of computer, broadcast, TV, newspaper,magazine, statistical statement and books have many large valuable information. But I need to pay more attention in the little things in my life.        

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

7 pillars

 The strongest pillar I have  is gather as it is a kind of information collection. I am able to gather resources and information through the way to expand our horizon in one specific area,such as more reading. The weakest one is evaluate I  guess.One of my teacher has told me that I have no enough evaluation in my essay, and advises I need to focus on this particular area. Also , I believe that  writing a essay is a representation of  7 pillars.

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Team Work in Week 3

Informatin Literacy Needs

Personal Goals, Habits, Special Needs

After the discussion of our personal IL map, we find that personal goals, habits and special needs is the common issue that we all face to. We should have different goals in different stage. There must be a huge difference between the college in China and the university in Sheffield. Furthermore, our habits would be changed by the different environment. However, we require adapt the new environment as soon as possible, because that we have the same situation.
After starting to learn the 7 pillars, I am a little bit confused to distinguish the relationship between them.
Identify the information is not very hard for me. But the scope of me to search sources is a little bit narrow, which means I cannot aquire enough sources. So I should improve it. I think there should be a strong link between gather information and evaluate information. Plan is the most important thing. Because a good plan means good organization and high efficiency. I think I did quite good in this three aspects. Present and Manage are my weak parts, so improve myself at this two parts is my work in this term.

Monday, 14 October 2013

My Information Universe

The experience comes into my mind is that these days I was prepare information resources for my test essay. My original idea is finding the different information according to different specific areas which I need to divide into.As I figured out these different areas, I can have the directions in my mind. So I guess this is the first thing I need to cope with.

as to the categories of finding specific areas which I focus on, I guess it is feasible and efficient from the university library.I still had challenges while looking for information resources,because the book is not very narrow which means I cannot find the main point or the information I need. Then I will choose to utilize the second category through the starplus, most of things I searched from the starplus can be articles and passenges, this will help me more focus on the information resources I need. Search engine ,such as Google ,maybe a new and well-known way to get our demanded resources. This different ways helped me a great deal when I handled my  test essay these days.

xu zheng

The Information Universe

We usually try our best to collect the information we need via a variety of methods.

Last year, when I write my report of marketing, I used different types of information resources. The purpose of this report is to choose a company then do a marketing research for the company expanding overseas. In the first part, I need to know the background and the existing market of the company I chose. Most of these information resources I gathered from the Internet, mainly the company's home pageprofessional investigation reportannual report and journal article resources. In the second part, according to the first part, I have to choose a country for the company entering and make the strategy. For this part, the information from the Internet is not enough to support. In addition to obtaining information from the Internet, I also require to refer to a large number of books and making a questionnaire to analyse the demand of target market.

Additionally, in another course, in order to do a group presentation, we have a interview with Green Estate which provides a wide variety of landscape and educational services in Sheffield. Furthermore, we also can get the information we need from the lectures.

To summarize, the types of reference resources I used: 
journal, article, e-book,
- report,
- textbook,
- lecture,
- interview,
- questionnaire